ecotextile machineryPONTEFRACT –  This November will see the first publication of Ecotextile Machinery, a brand new supplement brought to you by MCL Global, the publishers of Ecotextile News.

Ecotextile Machinery will be the first ever publication specifically produced to promote the benefits of reducing the carbon footprint of textile machinery and associated technology during the manufacture of textiles and garments.

Ecotextile News is the established authority on the sustainable textiles sector, its main focus is on the environmental impact of textile fibres, fabrics, chemicals, dyestuffs, additives, disposal, legislation and labelling from fibre and yarn production through to retail.

However, in Ecotextile Machinery there will be a different, but in environmental terms, equally important focus on a different part of the supply chain, the global textile machinery sector.

As well as being read by fabric and garment manufacturers, Ecotextile Machinery will also be seen by leading retailers, brands and fabric specifiers – key figures in the textile and clothing industry for whom the issue of sustainability throughout the entire supply chain is becoming increasingly relevant.

“Advanced engineering sectors such as the transport and construction industries already see ‘sustainability’ as the next big technical challenge to deliver both environmental and cost savings to their customers. In response to the new environmental agenda, we believe that the next frontier of textile technology will be about lowering power and water consumption, minimising waste, recovery and recycling as well as advances in materials science that allow textile machine builders to play a part in reducing the overall environmental footprint of end products,” said John Mowbray, publisher, MCL Global.

The new supplement will address each of the major production stages, from early stage processing through knitting and weaving to dyeing, finishing and laundering. Topics covered will include advances in waste reduction in all areas of processing, examples of lower, more efficient energy usage in textile machines, a look at water usage reduction, heat recovery, noise reduction, new production materials, waste water treatment and the role of Life Cycle Analysis in textile machinery production.

There will also be case studies and a look at how textile machinery manufacturers can respond to new Corporate & Social Responsibility initiatives.

All subscribers to Ecotextile News and its sister publications, The Textile Dyer, Knitting Trade Journal, CSRtextile and EcoComposites will automatically receive a copy of Ecotextile Machinery.

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