NICE logoOSLO/LONDON - The Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical (NICE) and the RITE Group have formed a strategic alliance based on a mutual desire to reduce the ecological footprint of the fashion business and the global textile sector.

NICE (Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical) is a joint commitment from the Nordic Fashion industry to take a lead on social and environmental issues. It is a project run by the Nordic Fashion Association (NFA) where the goal is to ensure a clean and ethical fashion and textile business in the Nordic region and in the affiliated company’s dealings in other parts of the world.

“We have initiated a ten-year-plan, a code of conduct and a web-based tool to facilitate the process and to keep the public informed on progress being made,” said Tone Tobiasson from NICE. “NICE acknowledges the extremely important work the RITE-group represents especially in relation to its relationship with some of the larger brands and their suppliers.”

“RITE is hugely impressed by NICE’s incredible ability to showcase low impact textiles in beautiful designs with clear, objective educational messages”, said RITE Group chairman Phil Patterson. “We see an opportunity to use each others’ networks and complementary approaches to accelerate progress in the mainstream industry. Through exchanging information, being represented on each others’ advisory boards, and joint co-operation with NGO’s and Governmental institutions we will achieve far more, far more quickly.”

NICE is a fashion-led environmental initiative and RITE is a broadly a textile production-led initiative that was founded in 2007.


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