jeanologiaVALENCIA – Denim apparel R&D specialist Jeanologia has been presented with a top innovation award by leading Spanish newspaper El Mundo. The paper named it ‘Best Innovative Company of the Year’ at its recent Innovators Awards 4th edition.

Jeanologia’s technologies are aimed at saving water, chemical useage and energy, and the company has been an important player in the drive towards a more sustainable textiles sector. In 2000, it was the first business to introduce laser technology for jeans treatment, while in 2005, Jeanologia launched the G2 ecological machine, which reproduces ozone from oxygen and washes garments without the use of chemicals or water.

Most recently, Jeanologia launched its e-soft technology, which smoothens garments with ‘nano-bubbles’, allowing water savings of up to 98 per cent compared to traditional systems.

Enrique Silla, Jeanologia president, said the innovation award provides further incentive to “keep on innovating.” He added: “In the textile industry, it is necessary to develop technology solutions that help to reduce environmental impact.

"The company was founded with the goal of developing technologies to transform our industry. Today, we can proudly say that our company is the world leader. Our technology is transforming the global textile industry."

Jeanologia, which formed in 1994 as an R&D centre for denim finishes, now boasts clients across five continents in 45 countries – including the USA, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, India, China, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Morocco, Bangladesh and Colombia.


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