chemicalsTEXAS – In a welcome move aimed at clarifying and simplifying the information around restricted substances in order to advance sustainability practices, Textile Exchange has launched a new set of ‘Chemical Snapshots’ – short, written guides that highlight chemicals found in industry-wide Restricted Substance Lists and which are included in the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Substances.

A statement from TE said: “We realised that many [textile industry] professionals … are in need of clearer and straightforward information on impacts such as water, waste, energy, and chemical management. Many people haven’t delved into chemistry since high school or college. Also, a lot of information out there is quite technical and might be difficult to digest, collate, and vet.

“With the most recent releases of FastFacts and Chemical Snapshots, we focused on simplifying the language and reducing the jargon that often are a part of technical topics in order to increase general industry awareness.”

All FastFacts tools as well as the PVC Snapshot which you can download here are free to everyone.

Additional Chemical Snapshots are free to TE members and available for individual purchase or as a discounted bundle.

Continued TE: “If you are a professional working within a brand or retailer or you are manufacturer, our Chemical Snapshots will help you understand why the textile, apparel and footwear industry is so concerned about the use of all these chemicals and what you can use instead.”

All Chemical Snapshots include information on how and in what products the chemical is used, the main environmental impacts, the presence (or not) of legal restrictions for the chemical, a selection best industry practices, and alternatives to the chemical.



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