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SHANGHAI – Leading Chinese PU coated fabric producer Xiefu has teamed up with polymer materials supplier Covestro – formerly Bayer Materials Science – by signing up to its Covestro’s ‘Insqin’ Partner Manufacturer Program.  The two companies will now collaborate to promote sustainable PU materials in sectors such as fashion apparel and footwear.

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Dyes & Chemicals News

  • Thursday, 13 September 2018

    Fashion for Good, ZDHC seek textile chemistry innovators

    AMSTERDAM – Fashion for Good and ZDHC have announced a joint venture which is seeking innovators in the field of textile chemistry to pioneer technologies to make the industry safer. Companies that apply will run for selection into the Fashion for…
  • Wednesday, 12 September 2018

    Microban technologies achieve Eco Passport certification

    HUNTERSVILLE – Antimcrobial textile specialist Microban International has confirmed that both its Scentry and Scentry Revive technologies have earned Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex certification.
  • Tuesday, 11 September 2018

    DuPont scales up bio-based polymer site

    WILMINGTON – DuPont Industrial Biosciences has finalised the expansion of its Kinston manufacturing facility which produces the firm’s bio-based Sorona polymer in North Carolina, USA. The decision to grow the site, the company says, reflects the…
  • Tuesday, 11 September 2018

    Polyester dyeing auxiliary meets stringent eco standards

    SINGAPORE – A new diffusion accelerant has been released by Huntsman Textile Effects that complies with current textile industry sustainability standards and improves the dyeing performance of polyester fibres including microfibres and blends – even…
  • Friday, 31 August 2018

    Investment boost for Swedish textile dyeing innovator

    STOCKHOLM – Swedish fashion-tech company We Are SpinDye looks set to accelerate the development of its proprietary colouring method for synthetic textiles courtesy of a round of investment. Dutch duo Textile Innovation Fund (TIF) and Social Impact…
  • Tuesday, 21 August 2018

    EU Initiative seeks consumer textile chemical engagement

    BRUSSELS – An initiative funded by the European Union’s LIFE Programme is aiming to collaborate with companies in order to provide consumers with information regarding the presence of potentially hazardous chemicals in the textile supply chain.
  • Friday, 17 August 2018

    NERC handed funding to investigate hazardous chemicals

    LONDON – NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) has been awarded £6 million to investigate the risks posed by potentially hazardous chemicals released through agriculture and industrial operations. The wider-reaching impacts of potentially…
  • Thursday, 16 August 2018

    New additions mark busy month for ZDHC

    AMSTERDAM – In what has been a very busy August for the organisation, ZDHC has revealed a new MRSL certification partner, three new contributors and held a Manufacturer Forum in Brazil; an event which ZDHC hopes can herald a new era of operations on…
  • Tuesday, 14 August 2018

    European textile groups slam REACH review

    STUTTGART – The European REACH regulation is having the exact opposite impact of what it was originally designed to do, with the potential impacts of hazardous textile chemicals on both human health and the environment likely to be exacerbated by…
  • Monday, 13 August 2018

    New study explores novel textile water savings

    THENJIPALAM – A new study conducted by researchers at an Indian university has proposed a novel new method of implementing much-needed water conservation within textile manufacturing. The research is said to have been motivated by the increasing…
  • Tuesday, 31 July 2018

    Indorama deal to enhance recycling capacity

    BANGKOK - Indorama Ventures PLC (IVL) a global chemical producer, has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Sorepla Industrie S.A., a plastics recycling facility located in Neufchateau, in northern France. The acquisition is…
  • Friday, 27 July 2018

    Eco-Passport meets highest level of ZDHC conformance

    AMSTERDAM – The ‘Eco-Passport’ certification standard from Oeko-Tex has today been accepted by the ZDHC as a level 3 standard for conformance with its manufacturing restricted substance list (MRSL). This means the ZDHC has the highest level of…
  • Tuesday, 24 July 2018

    Bluesign in Sorona polymer partnership

    WILMINGTON – DuPont Industrial Biosciences has announced a partnership with Bluesign for the bio-based polymer Sorona. DuPont Sorona is a polymer comprised of 37 per cent renewable plant-based ingredients and, according to its manufacturers, uses 30…
  • Monday, 16 July 2018

    Ternua goes nuts with Archroma EarthColors partnership

    REINACH – Colour and specialty textile chemicals provider Archroma has announced a collaboration with Ternua, a Basque outdoor brand with sustainability at the heart of its business. Ternua will work alongside Archroma to utilise its patented…
  • Friday, 13 July 2018

    NRDC initiative migrates to Apparel Impact Institute

    SAN FRANCISCO – In a bid to double the number of textile facilities completing its Clean by Design programme in 2018, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has started to transition program operations to the newly formed Apparel Impact…
  • Friday, 13 July 2018

    Huntsman calls for textile chemicals harmonisation

    SINGAPORE – Textile effects firm Huntsman has called on the textile chemicals sector to “take stock and consider” how to best take the next step towards the elimination of hazards and improve the industry’s economic and environmental performance.…
  • Thursday, 12 July 2018

    Greenpeace marks Detox milestone with progress report

    HAMBURG – A new report released today from Greenpeace claims that in the seven years since it first launched its Detox campaign, fashion companies who have signed up to its demands have made ‘significant progress’ to reduce their use of hazardous…
  • Saturday, 07 July 2018

    Textile wastewater disclosure platform goes live

    AMSTERDAM – The ZDHC has launched an online textile wastewater public disclosure portal, which draws verified information from its Gateway tool, along with unverified wastewater test data from the Beijing-based Institute of Public & Environmental…
  • Thursday, 05 July 2018

    Nontoxic waterproof coating for natural fibres

    MASSACHUSETTS – A team of scientists at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has developed a new coating for natural fibres which it claims can improve the functionality of, and perhaps most vitally, combat the environmental persistence of…
  • ZDHC publishes Wastewater Treatment Technologies guide
    Wednesday, 27 June 2018

    ZDHC publishes Wastewater Treatment Technologies guide

    AMSTERDAM – The ZDHC Roadmap to Zero programme has published a new ZDHC Wastewater Treatment Technologies document which can be used as a guide to improve the quality of wastewater discharge in the apparel, textile and footwear industries.
  • Monday, 25 June 2018

    Sugar coated solution for nylon textile microfibres

    NAPLES – Italian researchers claim to have developed a new textile finish based on sugars derived from agricultural waste products, such as sunflower oil and fruit juice, that reduces the release of nylon microfibres when washing clothes by up to 90…
  • Monday, 18 June 2018

    China shutdowns squeeze textile dyeing industry

    BEIJING – The global textile dyeing sector is struggling to deal with sky high prices after tougher environmental legislation in China forced the closure of intermediate factories and severely restricted the supply of key ingredient chemicals. New…
  • Friday, 15 June 2018

    MAS Holdings partner with ADEC on CleanChain platform

    COLOMBO – MAS Holdings has invested in CleanChain, a software platform developed by ADEC Innovations which it hopes can spearhead efforts to remove hazardous materials from its supply chain. CleanChain is an online chemical information management…
  • Friday, 15 June 2018

    CHT helps Jack & Jones lower its denim impact

    TÜBINGEN – Denim brand Jack & Jones has partnered with the German-based textile auxiliaries specialist CHT Group to replace the use of enzymes, pumice stones, chlorine bleach and potentially hazardous potassium permanganate for producing new jeans…
  • Thursday, 14 June 2018

    Gore points to PFC progress at OutDoor

    FELDKIRCHEN-WESTERHAM – Gore Fabrics has announced progress in its pursuit of eliminating what it defines as PFCs of environmental concern from the company’s consumer fabric portfolio by 2020. Presenting its latest innovations at OutDoor Show in…
  • Thursday, 07 June 2018

    Gel-dyed yarn easier on resources

    SARABURI – A new gel-dyed acrylic textile fibre which claims to use less energy and water than conventionally dyed acrylics has been launched by Thai Acrylic Fiber Co., which is owned by the Indian conglomerate Aditya Birla. While gel-dyeing of…
  • Wednesday, 06 June 2018

    Report aims to demystify textile chemical challenges

    AMSTERDAM – A new report on textile chemistry commissioned by Fashion for Good evaluates the role of potentially hazardous chemicals used in fashion supply chains and identifies five key areas where innovation could help to reduce their impact on…
  • Thursday, 24 May 2018

    New indigo dye means ‘aniline-free’ denim

    REINACH – A brand new indigo dye which will be launched next week by Swiss-based textile chemical specialist Archroma claims to be free from aniline, the potentially hazardous chemical precursor which can be found on jeans and in denim wastewater.…
  • Sunday, 13 May 2018

    Textile chemical firms give ZDHC ultimatum

    AMSTERDAM – In an extraordinary move, nine leading textile chemical companies have voiced concerns the ZDHC Foundation may not fulfill its intention to drive the textile industry towards convergence around a single harmonised chemical management…
  • Tuesday, 01 May 2018

    Dyeing with foam cuts water use in denim

    VALENCIA – In July this year, Spanish denim mill Tejidos Royo will be the first textile operation worldwide to take delivery of new, large-scale indigo yarn dyeing equipment that uses foam to dye indigo cotton yarns. The new technology shortens the…
  • Thursday, 26 April 2018

    Collaboration leads to Chinese textile chemical commitment

    SHANGHAI – A collaboration between 25 firms involved in various areas of the Chinese textile supply chain have committed to a 2020 Chemical Stewardship strategy. This follows months of concerted efforts from the Chinese government and industry alike…
  • Monday, 23 April 2018

    Lanxess seeks ZDHC conformance via BLC Chem-MAP

    NORTHAMPTON – Global chemical supplier, Lanxess has engaged with the BLC Chem-MAP programme in order to takes its next step towards its goal of achieving ZDHC Conformance Level 3 via the c-MAP route. BLC developed Chem-MAP – a new ZDHC approved MRSL…
  • Thursday, 19 April 2018

    Stella McCartney partners with Colorifix for V&A exhibition

    LONDON – At the launch of the ‘Fashioned From Nature’ exhibition at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum), Stella McCartney has unveiled her latest dress which has incorporated the innovative dyeing technology developed by Colorifix. McCartney cited…
  • Wednesday, 11 April 2018

    ZDHC and bluesign team up on MRSL compliance

    ZURICH – After lengthy negotiations, bluesign technologies has become an accepted certifier for MRSL conformance at level 3 in the ZDHC Gateway chemical module. The ZDHC Gateway enables chemical formulators to securely share chemical information…
  • Tuesday, 10 April 2018

    UN project targets greener textile chemistry in Vietnam

    HANOI – A joint three-year project has been launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Vietnam Chemicals Agency aimed at promoting the application of Green Chemistry in the nation and reducing the use of hazardous chemicals.…
  • Monday, 09 April 2018

    Indian textile dyers seek biosludge revision

    TIRIPUR – A group of textile dyeing firms in India’s Tiripur region has called on the country’s government to reclassify the ‘biosludge’ produced by effluent treatment plants as non-hazardous. It has been claimed that since the adoption of a zero…
  • Tuesday, 03 April 2018

    Leather chemistry added to Bluesign Bluefinder

    ST. GALLEN – Bluesign technologies has announced the extension of Bluesign Bluefinder to incorporate leather chemistry as the organisation says it aims to provide a ‘robust solution’ for the proactive management of chemicals in the leather and…
  • Friday, 16 March 2018

    Plastic – it’s not all bad news for textiles

    BRISTOL – With all the bad news about plastics in the environment related to the textile sector, there may be a bit of good news after all. This comes in the form of new UK research which has discovered a way to re-use plastic debris to break down…
  • Wednesday, 14 March 2018

    DyStar optimises reactive/disperse dyeing

    SINGAPORE – Global textile dye producer DyStar has extended its water, waste and energy saving ‘Cadira’ system with a new module for dyeing open-width polyester/cotton fabrics which comes with up to 40 per cent savings on resources.
  • Tuesday, 13 March 2018

    ToxServices teams up with NSF International

    WASHINGTON – US-based ToxServices, a third-party reviewer for the likes of the ZDHC and Cradle-to-Cradle, which specialises in toxicology and risk assessment, has teamed up with the standards and certification company NSF International. ToxServices…
  • Monday, 12 March 2018

    Enzyme solution to upcycle polyester fabrics

    PARIS – Bioplastics firm, Carbios has announced further developments in its enzymatic polyester depolymerisation process which could see new pathways to recycle polyester and potentially provide new solutions to upcycling polyesters without the use…
  • Monday, 12 March 2018

    GOTS sees 2017 certifications rise above 5,000

    STUTTGART – The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) has seen the annual number of certified facilities increase to 5,024 in 2017, an 8.2 per cent increase on the same period in 2016. The world’s second-largest apparel exporter, Bangladesh…
  • Thursday, 15 February 2018

    EU report lifts lid on REACH non-compliance

    The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has recently published a report which details a staggering level of non-compliance against EU chemical standards for various substances, formulations and articles. The scope of the project covered 14 different…
  • Monday, 12 February 2018

    Buried textile waste unearths wider Chinese problem

    NANTONG – It has been alleged that huge quantities of textile waste have been discovered buried in the Jiangsu province of China. According to local media reports, the waste had been both illegally buried and dumped directly into ponds which were…
  • Friday, 09 February 2018

    NGOs seek global chemical frameworks post-2020

    BRUSSELS – A group of five NGOs from across Europe have put forward a proposal for the implementation of a global – and crucially, legally binding – framework regarding the usage of hazardous chemicals after 2020. This proposal coincides with the…
  • Tuesday, 06 February 2018

    ZDHC and SAC to host joint manufacturer forums

    AMSTERDAM – ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), in partnership with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) are set to hold Manufacturer Forums in Milan this February. This manufacturer-oriented forum is the first stop on a series of…
  • Monday, 05 February 2018

    Archroma and WWF in water conservation partnership

    REINACH – Colour and speciality chemicals firm, Archroma has announced it has signed an agreement with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Pakistan) for formal cooperation on water conservation. The aim of the partnership is to conserve water wasted…
  • Monday, 05 February 2018

    Indonesian President signals river pollution reform

    BANDUNG – Indonesian President, Joko Widodo looks set to issue new regulations to accelerate the prosecution of river polluting textile facilities as the situation in the nation’s Citarum river worsens. Four textile production facilities in the West…
  • Friday, 02 February 2018

    Spray dyed indigo denim makes environmental gains

    SINGAPORE – A new way to dye denim in bulk using sprays instead of traditional dyebaths is currently being used by select textile mills in India, Turkey and Pakistan which it’s claimed could significantly reduce the environmental impact of jeans…
  • Thursday, 01 February 2018

    Optical brighteners for CO2 dyeing

    REINACH – Tong Siang, the Thailand-based fabric manufacturer, which specialises in the use of supercritical CO2 dyeing for the waterless coloration of polyester sportswear, is now using a new optical brightening agent from Archroma that dissolves in…
  • Wednesday, 31 January 2018

    Gore retreat from PFC’s of concern is ‘on track’

    MUNICH – In a move that was initiated back in February 2017, after lengthy talks with Greenpeace, Gore says that after one year of research, the company is largely ‘on track’ to meet its goal of eliminating PFC’s of environmental concern from its…
  • Monday, 29 January 2018

    Unauthorised dyeing units rife in India

    MUMBAI - Garment manufacturers in India are increasingly moving dyeing operations from the textile-producing region of Tiripur to the neighbouring state, Karnataka in order to lower costs with unauthorised units which have not adopted Zero Liquid…
  • Friday, 26 January 2018

    Bio-based odour control keeps smells at bay

    ZURICH – The Swiss textile chemical formulator HeiQ has launched a 100 per cent bio-based odour control treatment for both cellulosic and synthetic textiles that is not classed as an anti-microbial. Because the new technology does not kill…
  • Monday, 22 January 2018

    Esquel Group eyes zero liquid discharge

    BOSTON – A US supplier of filtration and separation technology has partnered with Hong Kong-based Esquel Group, the world’s largest woven shirt manufacturer, in a bid to implement zero liquid discharge in the textile giant’s wet processing…
  • Friday, 12 January 2018

    ZDHC approves new Level 1 MRSL lab

    AMSTERDAM – ZDHC has announced NimkarTek Detox Laborartory (NDL) as its newest recognised indicator of Level 1 MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List) conformance. As part of this agreement, NimkarTek Detox Laboratory (NDL) now joins Eco…
  • Tuesday, 09 January 2018

    Modified bacteria used to make indigo dyes

    CALIFORNIA – Researchers from the University of California say they’ve developed a biosynthetic indigo dye derived from enzymes produced by bacteria, which also avoids the need to use potentially hazardous substances used in indigo dye synthesis.…
  • Monday, 08 January 2018

    Kemin moves into textiles with Garmon

    SAN MARINO ­– The textiles and auxiliaries business of Garmon Chemicals has been acquired by multinational food ingredient company, Kemin Industries – a firm who has made no secret of its desire to diversify into the textile sector. Garmon claims to…
  • Friday, 05 January 2018

    Ten new firms following Roadmap to Zero

    AMSTERDAM – Ten new companies have been announced as members of the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero programme – a coalition now made up of 85 contributors. Becoming affiliated with the initiative signifies a brand’s intention to adopt best practices regarding…
  • Thursday, 04 January 2018

    Oeko-Tex reboots standards portfolio

    ZURICH – Oeko-Tex has carried out its annual review of standards which sees amendments to standards including; Detox to Zero, the Eco Passport, the STeP limit value tables, Made in Green, Standard 100, and the Leather Standard. The changes are set…
  • Tuesday, 02 January 2018

    Indian dyeing pollution under new scrutiny

    TIRIPUR – An unprecedented special monitoring committee has been initiated in India’s textile-producing city of Tiripur. The decision was made following a meeting between representatives of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB), the…
  • Tuesday, 02 January 2018

    China probes dumping debacle

    BEIJING ­– Chinese authorities have announced an investigation into the practices of certain Taiwanese chemical firms after it was alleged by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) that these companies have been selling chemicals in China for…
  • Thursday, 21 December 2017

    ‘Good progress’ for Vietnamese textile sustainability

    HANOI – New regulations regarding formaldehyde and azo dye usage in textile manufacturing have been released by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade. These regulations feature specified limits for the permitted levels of both substances in…
  • Thursday, 14 December 2017

    ZDHC launches ‘Implementation Hub’

    AMSTERDAM – The ZDHC Foundation, has today launched its official “Implementation Hub”, which aims to help to scale up chemical and environmental management in the textile, apparel, footwear and leather industries. David Styles reports from the…
  • Tuesday, 05 December 2017

    Cotton dyeing is not plain sailing

    Will pollution from salt always be a problem when dyeing cotton textiles? Or can the textile industry undergo a real sea change? Asks Phil Patterson. Osmosis is one of those funny things that sounds somewhat abstract and theoretical – where water…
  • Tuesday, 05 December 2017

    Archroma partners with fashion institute

    REINACH – Chemical manufacturer Archroma has announced that it has partnered with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) to create the first Archroma Colour Centre. The centre is a facility where students have access to colour management tools…
  • Friday, 01 December 2017

    Huntsman chemistry extends garment life

    SINGAPORE – Huntsman Textile Effects says it has updated its ‘High IQ’ performance assurance program that is designed to help mills, brands and retailers to meet consumer demand for textiles that last longer and don't lose their performance and…
  • Thursday, 30 November 2017

    Dyeing plant shut down over waste fears

    TIRIPUR – A textile dyeing unit in Arulpuram has been temporarily closed down for the fourth time over fears the unit may be discharging untreated industrial effluent waste into an unused borewell. The decision was made following an inspection by…
  • Wednesday, 29 November 2017

    G-Star RAW denim dyed using waste biomass

    REINACH – Textile dyes and chemicals suppliers Archroma has for the first time teamed up with G-Star RAW to launch a new denim capsule collection using Archroma’s EarthColors, a range of sulphur dyes derived from waste biomass as opposed to being…
  • Wednesday, 15 November 2017

    Wrangler advances disruptive denim dyeing

    TEXAS ­– A new potentially disruptive foam-dyeing process for denim has been unveiled at the at the Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute of Texas Tech University that claims to reduce water and energy use by more than 90 per cent compared to…
  • Tuesday, 14 November 2017

    Sweden to open Chemical Knowledge Centre

    STOCKHOLM – The Swedish government has announced that it is to open a Chemical Knowledge Centre that will aid SMEs in identifying safe alternatives to potentially hazardous chemicals. The centre will focus on the textile industry, particularly…
  • Friday, 10 November 2017

    Acrylate repellent coating ‘outperforms’ PFCs

    PORTLAND – A US company says it has developed a new fluorine-free process ‘using heat and pressure’ that can permanently bond chemical repellent finishes to textile fibres without using water or releasing any hazardous substances. The new technology…
  • Thursday, 09 November 2017

    Salt-free denim dyeing with lower effluent

    SINGAPORE – Dyestuff and chemical manufacturer Dystar has added Cadira Denim to its portfolio as part of its continued resource efficiency program in a bid to reduce water, waste and energy consumption during denim dyeing. Using a combination of its…
  • Wednesday, 01 November 2017

    Cradle to Cradle added to environmental initiative

    OAKLAND – Cradle to Cradle Certified products have been added to the list of third-party certifications recognised under the Home Depot’s Eco Options program. The Eco Options program is a voluntary program that recognises products in five categories…
  • Tuesday, 31 October 2017

    Stahl to open new China centre of excellence

    SUZHOU – Dutch chemicals company Stahl, which supplies the to the automotive and textile industries has revealed that the construction of its new ‘centre of excellence’ in Suzhou, China is expected to be completed in September 2018. This will be its…
  • Tuesday, 31 October 2017

    Archroma partners with Kathmandu

    REINACH – Colour chemicals and dye company Archroma has announced it has partnered with New Zealand based outdoor brand Kathmandu for the brand’s new range of hoodies. Archroma’s EarthColors range of plant-based dyes are to be used, the company says.
  • Tuesday, 24 October 2017

    Halogen-free FR finish gets Oeko-Tex approval

    BRIGHOUSE – UK textile chemicals supplier Avocet has said that another of its halogen free flame retardants has been certified to Class IV Oekotex standard, which covers interior and other household textiles. The company, which now has four of its…
  • Tuesday, 24 October 2017

    Lenzing and Unifi collaborate on Cone Denim project

    GREENSBORO – Lenzing has announced that it is working with Unifi and Cone Denim on the launch of a new jeanswear range that features Lenzing’s dope-dyed Modal fibres and black Repreve recycled polyester by Unifi. The company says Future Black+ denim…
  • Wednesday, 04 October 2017

    Archroma updates on REACH compliance

    REINACH – Textile dye and chemical supplier, Archroma has announced that 60 per cent of its products active in the EU now comply with the European Union’s (EU) Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals programme (REACH).…
  • Monday, 02 October 2017

    Scientists use bacteria to break down azo dyes

    GOA – Scientists at India’s National Institute of Oceanography say they have identified a bacterium derived from marine sponges that can be used to break down potentially hazardous textile dyes in wastewater. While using bacteria to break down…
  • Friday, 29 September 2017

    New PaCT boss claims targets exceeded

    DHAKA – The newly appointed program manager for Bangladesh Partnership for Cleaner Textiles (PaCT), Nishat Shahid Chowdhury, has said the initiative which is backed by the Dutch government and retailers such as Inditex, C&A and H&M has met, and in…
  • Thursday, 21 September 2017

    Study scales apparel wastage mountain

    AMSTERDAM – A Dutch study has examined the culture of mass apparel production, the subsequent wastage and potential improvements as part of a paper published by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Researchers found that on average,…
  • Tuesday, 05 September 2017

    Process lowers carbon footprint of textile coating

    LEVERKUSEN – A newly released life-cycle assessment of Covestro’s ‘Insqin’ waterborne polyurethane (PU) has found it can reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing PU synthetics by up to 45 per cent, compared to traditional methods that rely on…
  • Thursday, 20 July 2017

    Industry-link concerns over Trump’s EPA nominee

    WASHINGTON - Further concerns have been expressed that US chemicals policies may be influenced by industry links after President Trump announced his intention to nominate Dr Michael Dourson of Ohio to be head of the Environmental Protection Agency's…
  • Wednesday, 19 July 2017

    Nordic Council calls for PFAS labelling

    OSLO - In a new working paper, the Nordic Council, an inter-governmental body representing Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, has suggested swift regulatory action is required on per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFASs). The…
  • Thursday, 29 June 2017

    Industry bias fears surround new US chemicals rules

    WASHINGTON – The US's Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) framework has been "significantly weakened" after a chemical industry lobbyist took charge of the US toxics office and its process for evaluating toxic chemicals – that's the view of a number…
  • Tuesday, 20 June 2017

    EarthColors receives OutDoor Industry Award 2017

    REINACH – Global speciality chemicals business, Archroma, has announced that its EarthColors dyestuff range has won the Gold Winner award at the the OutDoor Industry Award 2017, Sustainable innovations Category. The award distinguishes further the…
  • Tuesday, 06 June 2017

    RadiciGroup calls for more sustainable dyeing

    ITALY – Italian chemical, plastic and synthetic fibre producer RadiciGroup is promoting the use of its lower impact yarn dyeing solutions, in a bid to tackle the level of energy and water wasted through traditional dyeing techniques in the industry.…
  • Friday, 02 June 2017

    ZDHC MRSL Conformance Guidance

    AMSTERDAM - The ZDHC Foundation has released the ZDHC MRSL Conformance Guidance, an indication system which assesses whether chemical formulations conform with the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List. Taking the form of certificates from…
  • Wednesday, 31 May 2017

    ZDHC soft launches chemical module

    AMSTERDAM - The ZDHC Foundation will this week soft launch the Chemical Module of the ZDHC Gateway to the ZDHC Contributor Community. The module is claimed to make information on sustainable chemistry broadly available and is an online search tool…
  • Friday, 19 May 2017

    Website offers alternatives to toxic chemicals

    GOTHENBURG - A new marketplace style website has been launched which offers safer alternatives to potentially toxic chemicals. The developers say the website is aimed at progressive companies looking to future-proof their chemicals management and,…
  • Monday, 15 May 2017

    Archroma and Patagonia collaborate on colour

    REINACH - Archroma, a global leader in colour and specialty textile chemicals, has announced a collaboration with Patagonia, the American outdoor clothing company. The products in Patagonia's Clean Color Collection are all coloured with dyes made…
  • Thursday, 11 May 2017

    Israeli business develops ‘waterless’ thread dyeing

    FRANKFURT - An Israeli start-up has explained to Ecotextile News how it has developed a 'waterless' and automated thread dyeing process which, after having worked on the proprietary technology for over two years, is expected to become available for…
  • Tuesday, 09 May 2017

    China proposes new textile chemical restrictions

    BEIJING - China's National Consumer Product Safety Standardisation Technical Commission has conducted a public consultation for a proposal to restrict chemicals in consumer goods, including textile and apparel products. If approved, the draft…
  • Monday, 08 May 2017

    Oeko-Tex Eco Passport for Sun Chemical

    NEW JERSEY - The digital textile ink range of UK inks business Sun Chemical has achieved the Oeko-Tex Eco Passport certification for its Suntex Sonata DTE Ink Series. Achieving the stringent standard means the series can be used in sustainable…
  • Wednesday, 26 April 2017

    New standard launched for safer textile chemicals

    AMSTERDAM - The recent Kingpins show in Amsterdam saw the launch of a new certification standard that promotes the use of inherently safer chemicals in textile products. GreenScreen Certified, launched last week in Amsterdam, is a certification…
  • Monday, 24 April 2017

    KEMI calls for tighter REACH regulations

    BRUSSELS - The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI) has called for EU regulators to raise the quality threshold for applications to register chemical substances. The agency made the call as the European Commission this spring conducts its five-year…
  • Friday, 07 April 2017

    Dow Jones sustainability indices adds chemical management

    NEW YORK - The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), the world's longest running global sustainability benchmark, has been updated to include a section on chemicals management – a move which reflects a growing interest by the global investment…
  • Wednesday, 22 March 2017

    EU puts potassium permanganate under spotlight

    BRUSSELS - The legal net could be closing in on the use of Potassium Permanganate, a denim effect spray which is used in the textile industry as part of a process to help create localised 'used look' areas on jeans. Potassium Permanganate or 'PP'…
  • Tuesday, 14 March 2017

    Research links textile chemicals to brain development

    LONDON - New research has called for tighter European regulation of chemicals found in consumer products such as clothing which, it is claimed, could be harming brain development in children, causing issues such as ADHD and lower IQ. Brominated…
  • Thursday, 09 March 2017

    Archroma to provide expertise to Pakistan entrepreneurs

    REINACH - Archroma, a global leader in colour and specialty chemicals, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ethical Affair, a knowledge based platform which provides training, skills development and technical assistance to women…

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