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Published on Wednesday, 09 August 2017

Further Italian calls to phase out mulesing

Written by John Mowbray

Photo by George Hiles on Unsplash

SYDNEY - Italian textile mills are growing frustrated by the lack of progress in Australia in phasing out mulesing and are beginning to look for non-mulesing wool from competitors according to news reports. Talking to ABC Rural, Italian wool trader Claudio Lacchio said Australian woolgrowers need to respond to consumer demands for more ethically produced apparel, and that the Italian garment sector had been discussing the mulesing issue with the Australian wool sector for several years. "We're very frustrated by the fact that it doesn't seem to be recognised that there is demand for unmulesed wool, at least in Europe," he said. "... there is a move for our clients to find an alternative, if we can't get the answers from Australia ... either Australia is prepared to meet this problem or people will find an alternative."