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Published on Wednesday, 07 February 2018

Jean machine

Written by Tony Whitfield

Put a crowd of people in a room and it’s an odds-on bet that each one will have a different image of who, where and how a pair of denim jeans should be worn. From the iconic 1950’s movie posters depicting James Dean as a rebel without a cause, to The Ramones standing against the grimy back-drop of 1970’s New York, we can all draw different associations when it comes to denim. 

However, today’s market must think about sustainability, so isn’t it about time the topic was much higher up in the pecking order? Jeans designer and all-round denim fanatic Jason Denham, founder and chief creative officer of designer brand 'Denham – The Jeanmaker', certainly thinks so, and says this rising awareness can help drive denim through its latest incarnation as a hot trend in fashion. Tony Whitfield reports.

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