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Published on Thursday, 19 April 2018

Wrangler highlights best practice in cotton farming

Written by John Mowbray

GREENSBORO – As it deepens its partnership with US cotton growers, denim brand Wrangler has today published a review of 45 scientific reports which it says highlight the most significant environmental benefits of farming cotton in a more sustainable way.

The US jeans maker, which sources more than half its cotton from the US, concludes that the practices of conservation tillage, cover crops and crop rotation result in the removal of three times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere as conventional farming methods.

It also vows to double its use of ‘sustainably-farmed’ cotton by 2019.

“When combined, they function as a system with synergistic effects such as the potential to make significant improvements in soil health and soil organic carbon content, a key indicator of soil health,” said the company.

The jeansmaker is partnering with US farmers and organisations that are working to improve soil health, aiming for industry-wide progress. With 16 per cent of global cotton production across 12.5 million acres in the US, Wrangler says cotton producers in the country can lead an important and notable change to help soil reach its optimum potential.

The new summary of research on soil health in cotton production is Wrangler’s first ever position paper report.