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Nimkartek Notes NimkarTek’s Online Training Platform for the Textile, Apparel, Leather and Footwear Supply Chains
NOTES is an E-Learning platform developed by NimkarTek which offers a variety of training modules focussed on restricted substances and chemical management. The modules can be accessed at any time and from any place.

Please watch the videos of our E-learning Concept and the NOTES Platform given below:

Click on NOTES to view and access our eLearning Courses Nimkartek Notes

Training Benefits:

  • Evaluation test at the end of each module and certificate awardedAt the end of each module, the training impact can be measured through an Online Evaluation Test.

  • On successful completion of the module and Evaluation test, you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

  • The modules can be customised to the specific needs of your organisation as well as language requirements.

Download our Course Catalog HERE.

Click here to view the Modules we offer:

Module A Module B Module C
Module D Module E Module F

Please visit our website: www.nimkartek.com

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