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SPONSORED CONTENT : Analytical Group aims to become industry leader in product testing for the fashion world.

Founded in 1982, Analytical Group ( evolved in the testing and product certification sectors, becoming an international point of reference for companies. Specific services in over 80 countries guarantee support in issues of international compliance of products, thanks to lab testing that is accredited worldwide. For almost 40 years, Analytical Group has been equated with top quality and support in the world of testing, carrying out analysis and tests both in the lab and on-site, and “it’s currently ready to become an industry leader in product testing for the fashion world” explained Mattia Armelli, Group Commercial Director.

The company’s work is based on 3 pillars: Innovation (for an industry 4.0 approach, offering the best available technologies), Expertise (technical experts to drive customer success) and Passion. The Group aims to be an international point of reference for companies and their outsourcing suppliers, offering consultancy services on regulations, labelling and testing procedures in the supply chain, acting in four different sectors (environmental, agrifood, electromechanics and fashion) and with international headquarters to assist customers’ global growth.

Analytical Group was founded in Arzignano, Vicenza, an area well-known as a manufacturing hub in the industry of leather working and crafting.

Other specialized laboratories in the fashion sector can be found in the Shoewear Polytechnic of Vigonza, Padua and Scandicci, Florence, both of which are renowned manufacturing sites, as well as China, where various hubs have been established through a partnership with the government testing agency where over 3,000 people are employed, most of whom working in the analysis of materials and finished products. Since 2014, thanks to its AConsulting division, the group has offered its customers all-round compliance services with specialists and offices dedicated to the creation of supply specifications, Market Access reports for access to international markets, legislation updates, REACH/RoHS service and projects for production sustainability in the supply chain.

Meanwhile, testing of leather, fabrics, metallic accessories and all types of finished products (both for kids and adult markets) represent the core of their daily work.

Always a promoter of initiatives designed to raise awareness among customers and stakeholders on sustainability, in 2020 Analytical Group signed some important partnerships with various utility providers for the use of energy solely from renewable sources.

In the first six months of 2022, the Group was also approved as a ZDHC laboratory (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), an important association of brands and providers. This was created in 2011 with the aim of reducing chemical footprint in the fashion sector and gradually eliminating dangerous chemical substances, leading towards the implementation and diffusion of a sustainable chemical approach in the textile industry.

At the end of 2022 the Group has unveiled new tests to evaluate the presence of genetically modified cotton in fabric samples. GMO screening leads to a clear answer on the presence of genetically modified cotton in the tested sample, a clear benefit for manufacturers, brands and retailers in terms of supply chain transparency and fraud management.

2023 begins with the new partnership with Compliance & Risks, a market access technology solutions provider, helping the world’s biggest brands access new markets by simplifying the management of regulatory compliance. Compliance & Risks offer C2P, an enterprise SaaS platform, purpose-built to be tailored to the fashion world’s specific needs providing everything you need in one place to achieve your business objectives by focusing on sustainability, consumer confidence, circular economy and scalable packaging initiatives.

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