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SPONSORED CONTENT - an exceptional partnership in the name of traceability

Guaranteeing a complete and transparent, ethical and high-quality supply chain for wool fabrics where style and quality are combined and supported by responsible production and innovation: this is the goal motivating Marzotto Group to confirm its choice to be an accredited partner of Authentico® by Schneider Group on the occasion of Milano Unica.

The Authentico® network ensures certified raw materials, with traceable, responsible, high-quality and ethically managed supply chains, from the farm to the production of the wool tops.

The result of Marzotto Group joining Authentico® is the beginning of a journey for various wool mills in the group: Fratelli Tallia di Delfino, Guabello|1815, Marzotto Fabrics, Marlane and the women’s divisions Opera Piemontese and Estethia G. B. Conte.

Giorgio Todesco, CEO of Marzotto Wool Manufacturing, explains:

We chose to establish the partnership with Authentico® because our group has since long adopted a green approach according to which the value of a product lies in its intrinsic quality and this obviously begins with the raw materials.

"The collaboration fully responds to our consolidated commitment to transparency and traceability of our fabrics entire supply chain, up to production waste disposal and reuse.

"The fibers we use must already meet precise quality and environmental standards, but now we take a further step forward, because Authentico® fibers themselves follow a carefully structured approach that verifies, tracks and brands the supply chain through its Verification System. A simple and reliable system that provides criteria and guidelines to all partners in the supply chain: from farmers to the finished garment.

"With Authentico® the Marzotto Group positions itself as a selected partner for brands and retailers who choose to share our core values.

On her side, Laura Ros, CEO of the Schneider Group, remarks:

In Marzotto Group we have found an ideal partner to expand the Authentico® network and thus allow the fashion industry to adhere to a production model in which product high quality is also based on using fully traceable and responsible wool throughout the entire supply chain. Marzotto Group has been a partner on this journey for some time. We know that this choice is the result of a conscious evolution that is up to the challenge. We are sure that interesting results will derive from this partnership in terms of product together with a strong acceleration towards a systemic change that focuses on a new generation of fashion where creativity, innovation and responsibility come together to create a great competitive advantage.

From 9th to 11th July 2024, at Milano Unica, inside Fratelli Tallia di Delfino exhibition space - Hall 4, Booth C07-C09-  you will find a space dedicated to the Authentico® world interpreted by the Marzotto Group companies.

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