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SPONSORED CONTENT – Ninety percent of business leaders think sustainability is important. And, in 2022, 79% of executives say that their companies are very concerned about climate change – up 10% since 2021.

In addition, 37% have tied executive compensation to environmental performance. Still, 40% of companies still have no sustainability strategy in place. While solutions are in high demand, many focus strictly on carbon, putting other components of a true environmental, social, and governance strategy to the side. Other solutions neglect to connect brands and suppliers in collaborating on improvements, leaving teams siloed or progress lopsided.

The time to act is upon us, and businesses like yours need better tools that help make holistic improvements. Brands, retailers, and manufacturers need solutions that help them accelerate both environmental and social progress.

That’s why Wordly was built, the planet’s most comprehensive impact intelligence platform that delivers real data specific to your supply chain, products, and operations — all in one place, so you can know your true impact. We understand the challenges that sustainability practitioners are facing today: that’s why we’ve designed our technology with your limited resources in mind, knowing that every hour should be spent on measurable improvements.

Here are some of the ways Worldly is built to meet the needs of your business in this new era.

Collaboration across the supply chain is critical if we’re to truly embrace sustainable production. Over the past few decades, many brands sought to disaggregate production, outsourcing and offshoring with lower costs as the primary driver. But with responsibility, sustainability, and traceability as priorities today, software platforms offer your business the chance to forge stronger connections across your supply chain. Benefits flow to all businesses. Brands can choose the right partners for their products, and retailers can start to build a view of their impacts. Manufacturers can reduce audit fatigue, gain clarity on areas of improvement, and get recognition for their impact improvement efforts.

While manufacturing impacts are essential to understand, we know it's not everything. That's why, in addition to factory and supplier solutions, we've also built tools for measuring end-to-end product impacts – from materials to packaging. This data can be used to inform product design through full product lines with streamlined life cycle assessment tools and data integrations for your PLM or ERP. With the most comprehensive library of materials impacts available for apparel, footwear, and textiles, Worldly is building the future of product intelligence.

We believe a generational shift is underway in the sustainability of consumer goods – and over the next few years, every business will need to develop a real strategy for impact improvement, with data and software at the center of execution.

Worldly is designed to help your business begin meeting these new expectations now. We're excited to be developing tools that support brands and manufacturers, with solutions for carbon, energy, water, and working conditions.

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