Achieving colour consistency from batch to batch is very challenging. Colour matching is not only a time-consuming and costly procedure but has a huge impact on the environment. Adopting digital colour assessment can reduce carbon footprint and improve colour consistency across the supply chain.

With regulations targeting the textile industry, many companies put their attention on more effective measures to reduce carbon emissions or minimize wastage. Sustainability has gained popularity and movements for change are observed from many fashion brands and major retailers, either by reducing the use of chemical dyes that pollute the water eco system or by supporting apparel recycle and reusing materials.

However, another major culprit of carbon dioxide emission is transport and retailers should find ways to reduce their contribution. Over 24% of CO2 emissions are coming from transport globally. Especially in the UK, transport is one of the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gas emissions.

Colour matching procedure, which relies on traditional methods, is usually required many trial-and-error steps for brands to achieve the closest perfect match. The samples will travel many times from manufacturers to design team or buyers until they approve the colour and give the thumbs up for final production.

Even a small parcel with samples from the manufacturer to retailer and vice versa produces a lot of CO2 emissions. For example, a 1kg parcel sent from Hong Kong to London would generate 4.8 kgs of CO2 based on CO2 calculators. In volume, 4.8 kgs Carbon Dioxide occupy nearly a 2.63 Sq Mtr (or cubic metre) box. As might be expected, larger parcels have even greater environmental impact. 

A conventional approach of approving/rejecting strike-offs, bulks or substrates is not only time consuming but also not the best environmentally friendly approach for your production workflow. Colour Accurate Digitalisation is the key to accomplish a more sustainable workflow.

Verivide’s DigiView is the smart swatch tool for vision-based remote colour assessment which transforms the colour quality control procedure, providing the flexibility of assessing colour from various workstations, either from factory, office, or home.

Batches are imaged in a DigiEye cube alongside with colour standards and then transferred to viewing stations anywhere in the world in the same day, allowing the retailer’s Buying Team to assess on screen the accuracy of the batch colour against the standard and send feedback to manufacturers.

Today, business priorities have shifted in textile and fashion industry, taking strategic decisions to slow down climate change. The demand for viable solutions has increased to make a more sustainable and efficient supply chain.

By adopting a long-term sustainable approach to evaluate the colour of your products remotely saves you money and time too. Instead of manually sending samples by courier or post across the globe that usually takes more than 7 days to approve or reject samples, you can send samples digitally with DigiView, allowing you to make a final colour decision within 24 hours.

As Claire Brealey, Womenswear Technical Manager (Clothing) in NEXT Retail, confirms “Both Buyers and Technologists are loving this easy and accurate new way of working!”.

Innovative colour management solutions can play an important role to make more sustainable your supply chain as well as reduce delays in production and minimize wastage. Simplifying the process of colour assessment through digitization provides many benefits for the business. A well-designed and managed colour system should yield cost & time savings making both the initial investment and system running costs neutral.

VeriVide is committed to innovation in colour assessment and quality control since 1964. Product quality and safety is VeriVide’s primary motivator to provide innovative solutions for enhancing supply chain efficiency. In this volatile period, investing in pioneering technologies will increase company’s agility. We can help you to make the supply chain better prepared against globally and national emergencies.

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