Environmental impact is the footprint left by our journey on the planet, and it is not a light one: through time, our lifestyle has caused the Earth’s temperature to rise considerably, with catastrophic consequences for the climate and the environment. Some damage is only temporary, some cannot be undone anymore; all that we know for sure is that we must put on the brake and stop now, and at Eurojersey we're determined to do just that. 

Today more than ever before, every company has the duty and the responsibility to limit its own environmental impact, and measuring it is the first step towards reducing it. The tools we need to do this are already available: Europe has developed a system called PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) designed to estimate the footprint of a company and/or product in an univocal, reliable way.

PEF is a comprehensive and detailed environmental impact measuring tool applied to the entire life cycle of a product. The evaluation system relies on criteria and parameters that have already been widely tested, allowing companies to identify their soft spots in terms of sustainability and define possible ways to optimize production and reduce the footprint.


> Because it measures the environmental footprint of our Sensitive® Fabrics' range thoroughly

The 16 parameters of the PEF protocol analyze the whole life cycle of our products, measuring the impact of every single process in our production chain.

> Because it allows us all to speak the same language

Adopting shared environmental impact measuring criteria is like speaking the same language. This helps our Company to communicate our data more effectively and reliably while fostering comparison and positive competition for sustainability.

> Because it provides us with the guarantee of an external and impartial judge

The data obtained through the PEF analyzing system is checked by third parties and therefore is more reliable and alien to any kind of conflict of interest. By entrusting an external body with the measurement of the environmental impact and certifying it, EUROJERSEY performs a very meaningful act of transparency.

> Because sustainability is a core value for our company

Since 2007, EUROJERSEY has been promoting change by committing itself first hand to improving efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of its own production processes through the SensitivEcoSystem® project.

Because we are the first company ever to adopt PEF in the textile industry

By being early adopters of the PEF environmental footprint assessment standard, we are one step ahead and capable of mapping the whole textile chain now.

>  Because we already own the know-how required to undertake a sustainable path

Our experience in the field of sustainability makes us a strategic partner to work with towards building a more responsible business model.

Applying the PEF system to processes is the best way to understand specifically where our mistakes lie and pinpoint every opportunity for improvement, thus reducing our environmental footprint. Analyzing the production of a single jacket, we compared three types of processing and the different outcomes in terms of environmental impact.

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