NEW YORK CITY – After an exciting winter edition of Texworld USA and Apparel Sourcing USA in January 2019, one of the largest sourcing shows on the East Coast will return to the Javits Convention Center this July 22-24, 2019, and for the first time in the show’s history, will take place in the bustling upper level exhibition halls of the known venue. Positioning itself as a must-attend industry event and business platform, Texworld USA joins together the best international apparel fabric, trims, and accessory manufacturers in the heart of New York City. A matrix for making connections, Texworld USA also continues to provide industry experts, designers, fabric buyers, merchandisers, experts, and sourcing professionals a unique opportunity to meet directly with a wide range of global suppliers.

Amongst the top in textiles and apparel sourcing shows, Texworld USA features over 17 product categories, ranging from knits and functional fabrics to cotton, denim, and more.  In conjunction, Apparel Sourcing USA Summer 2019, collocated with Texworld USA, will welcome exhibitors specializing in over 21 product groups, as well as a focus on sustainability as the spotlight. As one of the only events in North American to focus on sourcing finished apparel, contract manufacturing and private label development, Apparel Sourcing USA is a long-term joint venture partnership between Messe Frankfurt and CCPIT-TEX (China Sub-Council of Textile Industry) and provides attendees direct access to suppliers all over the globe. Attendees will also find the most cutting-edge information on trends in textiles, the opportunity to network with manufacturers and suppliers, as well as gain new knowledge from an assortment of complimentary educational sessions that cover sustainability, and more.

Not only a “buzz” word in the textile and apparel industry, but continuing the momentum from a successful round of educational programming in the Winter 2019 edition, Texworld USA expands the focus on sustainability even further with “The Year of Sustainability.”

Sustainability has been on the global agenda for some time and in this rapidly changing global fashion industry, today's buyers are seeking sustainable ways to make a positive contribution to their company's short and long-term value. Major fashion brands and retailers in the United States are starting to offer more and more sustainable options to their collections as the demand becomes higher than ever. Now, Texworld USA and Apparel Sourcing USA provide a platform for manufacturers and suppliers from around the world to connect and conduct business with U.S. buyers serving mass to medium, luxury, and contemporary markets.

Further, we are excited to announce that the summer edition of Texworld USA welcomes Fashionsustain, the one-day conference originating in Berlin, Germany that is dedicated to sustainability, and will be held on Monday, July 22, 2019. A year of awakening, it is the perfect time for buyers, consumers, and industry leaders to shift the paradigm when it comes to being environmentally friendly. This year’s theme on sustainability comes with an understanding that fashion's impact on global carbon emissions, water, and chemical pollution is substantial. Looking ahead for a better future, Fashionsustain is a conference devoted to revolutionizing the fashion and textile industries’ processes and production mechanisms, through collaborations, new technologies, and applied innovation. Aiming to find dynamic solutions to social and environmental problems, Fashionsustain’s purpose is to offer a fundamental transformation to the industry.

“An opportunity to explore and interact with the hundreds of companies exhibiting in our new, expansive hall at the Javits Center, we are excited to spotlight a wide range of sustainable fabrics, trims and accessories,” stated Jennifer Bacon, Texworld USA Show Director.  “Consumers are increasingly concerned with social and environmental causes and when it comes to the textile industry, the number of designers and brands seeking sustainable materials is growing exponentially.  Our platform is making it easier for buyers to connect and locate these fabrics on the show floor.  Additionally,  we are elevating our commitment through the educational programming, with an enhanced focus on sustainability in the Textile Talks, Lenzing Seminar Series and the new co-location of Berlin’s highly acclaimed, one day conference, Fashionsustain.”  

Focusing on sustainable materials and intelligent processes for the fashion industry, in addition to the conferences, Texworld USA also presents a myriad of educational lectures, workshops, and discussion panels by trade experts that will provide further inspiration and knowledge for trade visitors. Conscious of the current climate and in effort to reflect what is happening, Texworld USA is committed to delivering more resources and preparing for the shift constant in the fashion industry.

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