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Editorial Staff

Tom Hinchcliffe

Tom Hinchcliffe

After writing for the Huffington Post and working as the political correspondent for the Yorkshire Times for 4 years, Tom Hinchcliffe is the News Editor for Ecotextile News. His background in political journalism comes from his work with The Labour Party, serving as Campaign Organiser and Communications Manager to a range of MPs since 2015. Tom also works on a variety of other MCL titles, including TEVO. His passions include Leeds United, DJing, and playing in his punk band.

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    • Collaborating for a More Sustainable Bioeconomy

      Monday, 01 October 2018

      Over the last few years, the bioeconomy – a global economy that uses biological resources and waste from the land and sea as inputs to food, industrial and energy production1 – has been a major point of discussion for scientists and policymakers alike, as companies...

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