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NEW YORK – Traceability solutions provider Eon has launched what it says is the fashion industry’s first global partner network in a bid to streamline supply chain circularity. 

In collaboration with the likes of the Renewal Workshop, Trove, Save Your Wardrobe, Evrnu and Worn Again Technologies, Eon plans to on-board companies across the value chain that can assist in prolonging the life of garments via reuse and recycling. 

Eon’s traceability tool CircularID Protocol will be integral to this ambition. By creating a digital chain-of-custody, recyclers and other circular fashion advocates can be alerted when garments and other textile-based products have reached their end-of-life, prompting them to intervene.

Nicole Bassett, co-founder of the Renewal Workshop, said: “Like many circular partners today, the ability to instantly identify products and materials is our biggest struggle: No matter how a garment is made or what it is made with, reselling or recycling will become viable at scale only when brands are enabled with the technology they need to aggregate and share crucial circularity data.” 

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