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SPONSORED CONTENT : Diresul® Evolution Black liq is Archroma’s ground-breaking black dyestuff which sets new standards in the industry, offering not only exceptional color performance in terms of its unique shade and wash-down effects, but also aiming to have the cleanest possible environmental footprint.

Diresul® Evolution Black liq leverages on Archroma's cutting-edge synthesis technology to develop a sulfur black dye that outshines standard alternatives in terms of its impact on key sustainability indicators. It delivers 57%* impact reduction on synthesis of evolution black when compared to the traditional sulfur black 1 liquid.

Produced in Archroma's state-of-the-art facility near Barcelona, it underscores the company's dedication to pushing boundaries and creating innovative and more sustainable solutions to preserve the planet.

Diresul® Evolution Black liq is part of Archroma’s new Evolution Black coloration system for authentic black denim effects and beyond.

/ Diresul® Evolution Black liq: Exclusive sulfur black technology with outstanding resource savings

/ Direfix® GPF liq: Booster for smooth & clean oxidation

/ Optifix® E50 liq: Enhances color fixation and cleaner effluent

/ Optifix® RUB liq: Crocking fastness improver for raw black fabrics

This innovative coloration system meets the latest industry standards, while ensuring savings on water, energy and carbon consumption, and minimized wastewater discharge. Archroma empowers textile brands and mills with a revolutionary coloration system for an eco-advanced black dyeing that enhances creations and contributes to a more sustainable future.

For more information Archroma’s Evolution Black system, visit:

*The impact calculation is based on the life cycle assessment (ReCiPe 2016 impact calculation methodology) by Ecoterrae.


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