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SPONSORED CONTENT - What if you could help reduce textile waste sent to landfills?

What if colors can be created from fashion waste?

In early 2023, Archroma launched FiberColors®, an innovative range of dyes that is based on a revolutionary technology that turns pre- and post-consumer textile waste into its own beautiful colors. Synthesized with a minimum of 50% textile waste based raw material, FiberColors® transforms pre- and post-consumer fashion and textile waste into gorgeous upcycled colors – allowing brands to color their new collections with their pre-loved collections. The groundbreaking FiberColors® technology earned recognition at the recent 2023 Just Style Excellence Awards for its innovation in dye technology.

FiberColors® uses cotton, polyamide and their blends (with more than 95% purity) to substitute a major part of the petroleum-based raw material that is usually used to make dyestuff. This approach allows for either virgin and/or recycled waste to be used, and does not need to be sorted by color.

The result: five dyes covering a palette of timeless shades. The FiberColors® range include Diresul® Fiber-Teak (brown shades), Diresul® Fiber-Ochre (olive shades), Diresul® Fiber-Maroon (bordeaux shades), Diresul® Fiber-Slate (blue grey shades) and Diresul® Fiber-Graphite (dark grey shades). The dyes are especially suited for cellulosic fibers such as cotton, viscose, linen and kapok, and can be used in continuous, exhaust, denim and garment dyeing and printing processes.

FiberColors* are ideal for brands committed to a sustainable future and want to help find a solution to textile landfills, and at the same time give value to waste including articles collected in their take-back schemes that cannot be reused. Currently exclusive to brands, FiberColors® enables the creation of diverse collections, from t-shirts and chinos, to sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts, and home textiles.

With FiberColors®, brands can bring collections to life while championing the circular economy and respecting the environment. Together we can close the loop and break the cycle of waste!


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